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Northern Resource - a source for new direction in living within our financial means; instead of beyond. Debt is no doubt one of the leading causes of stress, and stress is one of the leading causes of health issues.

Here at Northern Resource we are working to document a new frugal living life style that allows us to live more peacefully within our budgets, all while creating a more healthy way of life physically at the same time. Explore our site to find new ways of cutting costs, relieving stress, furthering your education and pampering yourself as well...

Life's Fun - Live Well

Northern Resource is our effort to present our readers with information on how to lower and simplify everyday needs and expenses, - live a less debt, less stress lifestyle.

Live holistically in tune with the planet - be kind to yourself, healthy lifestyle, healthy planet.

Check back, as were just getting going here! With all the economy woes our politicians have created for us, there is no doubt that it's up to each of us to put our own foot forward in search of more frugal ways to live our lives to the fullest.

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