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  Humphreys Fly Fishing Spinning Reel Models 3-A and 4-A

Vintage Humphreys Stationary Spool Spinning Reels Models 3-A 4-A Owners Instruction Operation Manual

Vintage Humphreys Stationary Spool Spinning Reels were made for Jim Haywood a famous trout fisherman.

Haywood Mfg. Co.

2525 Market St

Denver Colorado

This real was designed to cast 1/8 ounce to 1 ounce lures with a fly rod, bait rod, or spinning rod.

It was the only fully enclosed stainless steel spinning reel. It was designed so that it can't backlash no matter how you cast it.

It came in two sizes, the model 3-A for 75 - 80 yards of line which was the smaller model, and the model 4-A which had twice the line capacity of the 3-A.

Humphreys 3-A 4-A Owners ManualWhen introduced the manufacturers  retail prices on these reels were

  • Model 3-A $22.50

  • Model 4-A $27.50

They also worked well for bass bug fishing and long distance fly casting.

We offer a .pdf copy of  the original instruction manual here for you to purchase should you need one to go with your reel.

This is an 8 page owners instruction manual that fully explains these reels and their use.

Purchase Humphreys Owners Manual $4.95


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