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  Magic Fishing Reel Denver Colorado

Vintage Magic Fishing Reel Owners Instruction Manual

Made in Denver Colorado, USA

This hard to find reel made by Magic Reel Company in the early 1950s.

This company started up in 1951 on Wazee Street in now downtown Denver.

It includes several really unusual features.

Included are a trigger drag that puts friction directly on the inner spool, a deployable line guide, and a side mount not too common at the time.

You open the guide and string the fly line through. Opening makes the inner spool free wheel to strip line, it also lets you retrieve line with the handle.

The diameter is about 4 inches.

You can see the unusually nice graphics on the reel with embossed logo in cursive and a couple of embossed trout.

This reel is a great multi purpose reel that can be used for all your small game fishing needs. :-)

We offer a .pdf copy of  the original instruction manual here for you to purchase should you need one to go with your reel.

This owners operation instruction manual fully explains this reel and all of its uses.

Purchase Owners Manual $4.95


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