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The Liquid Force Assault Kite from 2006 has been replaced by the Assault II which was launched in 2007.


You can find the Liquid Force homepage here:

The 2007 generation 2 Assault is the most innovative, high performance “bow style” kite design on the market. This kite integrates both bridle and inflatable technologies. Whether you are riding waves or spinning that first 360, the Assault enables the rider to have complete control over the power and the turning of the kite.

Liquid Force Kite User Manual

Relaunching your kite in the water or on the beach is now effortless. To relaunch your assault, simply pull on one of the back lines and it’s airborne.

The stability and predictability of the Assault also makes it a very user-friendly kite.  Due to its immediate and complete de-power, putting your straps or bindings on has never been so easy and safe.

The wind range of the Assault is so broad, that it allows you to ride a 12m Assault in the same conditions where others riders would fly a 9m to 16m standard C kite.

For 2007, we increased the stiffness of the assault’s structure which added to its stability and increased its quickness and sustained power through the turns.

Relaunch system:

This specially designed system makes kite relaunching effortless. The line and bridle setup are designed to automatically put the kite into the correct launching position. This proven relaunch system works every time on water as well as on land and snow.

Extreme Wind Range:

By adding the bridle system on a slightly flatter kite, combined with a two to one depower control system; a single kite size such as a 12m Assault, can now cover the wind range of a standard 9m to a 16m kite.

Depower System:

Offers a total kite de-power option that is safe enough for the beginner, yet performance oriented enough for the accomplished rider. No complications or hassles of an additional fifth line are required.

Union single point inflation system:

The Assault utilizes the new Liquid Force's Union single point inflation system. This single-stage inflation system inflates the entire kite structure in one easy step. Once you go union single point, you will never
go back.

Anti Stretch panels layout:

The new canopy panel layout was developed in order to reduce the panel distortion caused by multiple panel assembly. The side to side arc panels equalize the Canopy tension helping to keep a clean profile throughout the structure of the kite.

Control System

For 2007, Liquid Force releases a brand new state of the art control system that features a 3D molded chicken loop, quick release and integrated cleat Depower System. The bar comes with LF’s own High Quality pulley (for 2:1 control systems) which minimizes leader line ware and tear. The pulley is rated at whopping 400kg maximum load strength. The mainline of the control system is composed of a super Durable 6mm dynema mainline. The control system also features a fully adjustable, on the fly stopper piece that does not involve screws or any other mechanical hardware.

LF’s new fully adjustable stopper piece will now allow you to adjust the length of your chicken loop main-line length on the fly. This new adjustable stopper piece keeps the bar from going to high and can also be used to lock the power down against the chicken loop. In a situation where you would want to completely de-power your kite, simply release the bar and the chicken loop by holding the main-line and the stopper piece will slide up to the top releasing most or all of the power of the kite. In the event you want more de-power while riding, the stopper piece can be adjusted quickly on the fly with complete ease.

File:Control-sys assault 2 2007.jpgA new but innovative feature of the 07 control system is the anti wiping “torpedo” plug. When riding the kite de-powered, this plug will take up the slack and help to store extra line. To activate, simply insert the plug into the chicken loop to prevent the slacked line and leash from wiping around. In the event that the bar needs to be released the plug will come out with ease.

Quick Release Tab

One thing you should keep in mind is that the little red tab on the quick release mechanism - the plastic piece that you actually pull on - can get stuck with sand if not regularly washed. It slides in tight and can be difficult to pull; that is why it is best to either use a file on the inside on the plastic tab and widen it or write to the LF customer service and they will mail a redesigned one to you at no cost.



Liquid Force Assault 12 (Year: 2007)
Review by: Selle - 2007-05-06 (1:40 pm)
My experience with this product: 1-5 sessions (first impressions)

bow-Kite with alot of power.

Moves slowly but with powerful "strokes".
Suites wakestyle kiteboarding.

Not the best kite for those light light wind days.
Selle 's Ratings
Overall Rating:
4    Very good
4    Very good
Jumping Performance:


Upwind Performance:
2    Medium
4    Very good
Safety Features:
5    Excellent
Skill Level: Suitable for all skill levels


The Assault was LF's best seller in 2006, because it did not have some negative characteristics of the Bowkites of the first generation due its smaller "flatness" (e.g.: no inverting, etc.).

First impression
Optically the Assault 2 differs from its predecessor due to better finishing, a thicker front tube, somewhat differently cut courses, one-pump, the new bag and bar and the slick Karo-graphics. Also this year no mobile pulleys and the bridle lines are made from 6mm friction resistant Dyneema.

The bar has the same features as the Havoc-Bar but it has the typical bow Bow-typischen guide rollers at the bar ends, which seem even better stored this year.

In the sky
You immediately notice the higher bar forces and fundamental pull. The Assault stands substantially more stably in the zenith this year and dont need to look up nearly as much. It simply hangs in the sky and waits for guidance instructions.

Water launch
Bowtypisch and easy and fast to do. C-kiters will have to change their technique but after that it functions perfectly.

Flight behavior
The Assault2 has a bigger fundamental pull and is more precise however it doesn't steer as light as its predecessor. Steering instructions are converted extremely precise and definitely not spongy. It doesn't turn like a bow around its center but more like a C-kite around its tips. Its depower works fast and you don't need alot of line to take the wind out of the kite. I found it to be practical to limit the depower at around 15cm, thus when I pulled I still had enough power and when gusts came about I had enough depower as well. This also prohibits the unelegant, bent stance most bowkiter have. The range of the Assault2 seems to be the same. I would put its low end among the range of the better 16m C-kites. I wasn't able to test its top end but it should be about the same as the Assault 1 (same range as 10-12m C-Kites).

Bow safety! The same goes as for the Havoc, except that there is only one „o-shit“-handle on one of the frontlines.

The new Assault performs more precise and more matured than its predecessor. It is more powerful and in general more sporty. The new bar makes it easier for established C-kiter to get used to the bow. Only with timing of jumps with kite support one needs some acclimatizing still as C-Kiter. But that I will do myself this year for sure. I cant wait for the 16 and 19m which are designed as light wind kites.


I cannot compare the havocs with assault1 as I didn't spend enough time on assault1. In comparison with asssault2 I find the havoc 14 having about the same low end but a totally different pull compared to the assault2 12 which again is totally different to assault1. I'll try to be systematic now:

Havoc14 for me covers about the range of my m80s 16 and 12, havoc10 covers the range of my m80s 12, 9 and possibly 7 but this has to be proven. We had winds 2 weeks ago gusting up to 30 knots and it was super easy and I was not even close to being overpowered. My girl fried (60kg) was out on the havoc10 having no problems when an experienced young rider (68kg) was way overpowered on his 8m torch2.

Havoc has super soft but steady pull. In the beginning you feel like you are underpowered, but you're moving fast and upwind with ease, so it feels kinda strange at first but once you get used to the different feeling you like it. Assault2 has solid hard and sporty pull and always gives good feedback of where she sits in the window.

For loaded jumps the havoc works like a c-kite. no adjustment for a c-kiter necessary. The assault pulls harder unhooked but if its adjusted properly it no big deal to go unhooked even for a seasoned c-kiter like myself.

Boosting with sending the kite is no problem on the havoc for me. Big lift good hang time. Timing is easy. On the assault2 i still need some adjustments of my technique. Sometimes i get it right sometime i don't. It's a bow kite and i'm a seasoned c-kiter. Give me some time on it...

Besides its a very clean and functional bar, that has all the features one looks for in a bar. The magic thing about the bar is the torpedo plug. You can set the plug in any position and can therefore limit the range of the depower as you like. For me its like you gradually can deactivate the esp in a sports car.



Rode the 9 and 12m Assault generation 2 today and wow :-) Significant improvements over last years model... I had a 9 Assault, 9 Waroo and 12m Assault to swap between all day and i honestly could not tell the difference in the 9m Kites... apart from the bar layout, both kites behave very similarly... - Assault has less bar pressure, but only marginally. - Assault is HEAPS more stable in the air, waroo's tend to get a little jerky at times, this was smoooooooth-

Turning speed is dead equal, however the waroo is half a second quicker to respond (due to the pulleys on assault bar i spose)- Boosting is the same height on both, but hang time is much longer on Assault. - Waroo flys in and out of the window faster, Assault just sits in one spot and pulls... -

Unhooked is the same on both kites, but the Assault was more stable etc.- I preferred the Waroo for kiteloops- New assault bar is niiiice, LF have improved it since the demo havoc bars came out, new stainless cleats, and little features everywhere make it a joy to use. - Big c-loop to hook back in and doesn't deform under pressure. - Depower works really well now, smooth as especially with the new cleat... - Good quality pulleys (Ronstan)- The usual UNION inflation system works really well... -

New bag design is nice although a little too small for kite sizes... Id pick the: 07 Assault for learners as its more stable, turns a little more predictably, and is built a lot stronger.. 07 Assault for boosting because of the hang time etc06 Waroo for general cruising and unhooked riding because of less hassles with the bar and no pulleys etc.. (Havoc beats waroo unhooked)

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