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Maytag H20 Repair It Yourself

Maytag H2O Refrigerator Repair Guide

Maytag H20 lights flashing, ice door flapping ice and water dispenser not working

You got a problem? Maytag H20 refrigerator control panel lights blinking, ice door flaps continually opening and shutting, unable to control, but refrigerator seems to be cooling properly. Well it's a common problem being experienced by a lot of H20 owners.

Common Complaint

I own Maytag ICE20 model# MFI2568AE, experiencing same problem many people are having - ice door flapping back and forth and LED panel blinking non-stop.

Note: Maytag is a immoral unethical company that knows they have faulty circuit boards but continues to sell them instead of replacing them with non faulty circuit boards, therefore you will no doubt have the issue again...

The problem is 2 poor quality capacitors installed in the High-Voltage (HV) board.

Note: installing the HV Board yourself voids any warranty, in most cases your warranty will have already expired anyway. I have seen instances where someone has stated that Maytag repaired their fridge even though the warranty was expired - since it was a known falty board - but this wasn't my experience,,, Maytag refused to repair it for free because my warranty was expired.

My repair cost me $47 and I have seen where Maytag has charged up to $450 to fix this issue.

In the mean time here's what worked for me to make it stop but not interrupt refrig/freezer from staying cold in the meantime. I ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DAMAGE OR INJURY THAT MAY RESULT FROM PERFORMING THE FOLLOWING STEPS

1- Unplug Refrigerator
2- Remove spillguard - baseplate from dispenser
3- Remove the two (2) 1/4" screws holding the ice/water dispenser in place.
4- Pry plastic housing up and then out from the bottom - carefully as to not break plastic clips - it will pop out.
5- Disconnect (as you're looking at the front of fridge) top left wire, this powers the ice/water dispenser and temp controls
6- Re-install plastic housing
7- Plug fridge back in

You'll have no LED read out or dispenser function, but temperatures should stay OK as this worked for me.

Next step is off to Ebay where you will most likely find the best price on the replacement HV Board part # 12920710 - my old board had the number 12920704 and I've seen 12920708 which all seem to be replaced with the 12920710 board but that's up to you to double check. I found one on ebay and had it within 3 days.

Replacing the HV Board
Again all liability is in your own hands - do this only at your own risk...

Pull the fridge out from the wall and UNPLUG IT! ( Note if you disconnected the dispenser wire as described above now would be a good time to reattach it.)  - then mid way up the fridge on the left hand side ( looking at it from the back) is a access cover held on with four - 1/4" screws. Remove the screws and cover then pop out the plastic protection cover underneath it.

Now you have full access to the HV Board, unplug each of the wiring plugs by depressing the locking clip on each and pulling out.

Now use a butter knife or flat screwdriver to push up or down on the retention clips located mid left top and mid left bottom that are holding the board in place. Do this while pulling out on the HV Board and when each clip is released the board will pop out.

Now snap the new board into place and plug all wiring back in - and reinstall covers. Plug fridge back in and push it back into place.

Now one of two thing have happened, either its working fine - or if your luck is like mine - I changed the circuit board in the back. When I plugged in the fridge it was flashing pe0000.

This means that the personality code needs to be programmed in to work with the new HV Board. The personality code is found on the model and serial # tag located right side top - inside the fridge when you open the right door. You will see the word code written then 4 digits after this - mine was 0302

Follow the following programming procedure.

NOTE: The Program Code is located on the Serial Plate on this unit after the word Code.
1. Open the Fresh Food door and press and hold the Door Alarm Keypad.
2. Press and hold Freezer Temperature Down Keypad .
3. Release the Door Alarm Keypad and wait 3 seconds.
4. The control will display PE to indicate the programming mode.
5. Entry is confirmed by pressing the Freezer Temperature Down Keypad once more.
6. The control will display the current Program Code. This value should be validated with the
Program Code printed on the unit serial plate.

NOTE: If the Program Code is correct, the Programming Mode is exited by closing the Refrigerator
7. Press the Refrigerator Temperature Up Keypad or Refrigerator Down Keypad to change the
digit value with each key press.
8. The decimal point indicates the selected digit. Press the Freezer Temperature Up Keypad
to select the next digit.
9. Once the desired Program Code is entered, press and hold the Freezer Temperature Down
Keypad until the Program Code begins flashing indicating it has been saved.
NOTE: If you attempt to enter an invalid Program Code the control will not save the new code,
but will beep. (The unit will NOT run with a Program Code of 0000).Once the Program Code
has been saved, the Programming Mode is exited by closing the Refrigerator door(s). If the new
code is incorrect this process should be repeated after closing the Refrigerator door(s).
The Programming mode can be exited at any time by closing the Refrigerator Door(s) or
will exit if unattended for four minutes.

I hope this work out well for you, It did for me!

note added:
Thanks for these instructions but there is one error: it's not the Fresh Food door you open. It's the *Freezer* door.

Note: I just had my HV Board repaired by Mad Mike's and he said the old capacitors that went bad were due to a bad formula and that the capacitors he installed should not be subjected to the same failure.

Mad Mike's Computer Service

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