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It's Tax Season: I never thought I would be doing my taxes myself, but this years financial woes force all of us to cut out the fat wherever we can. My decision to do my tax return myself in order to chip away on accounting bills was nerve racking. I'm no math wiz and I surely don't know all the ins and outs of tax credits and deductions. To my surprise though, I didn't need to know jack about computers or taxes... Today's software products walk you through tax return preparation step by step in an easy to follow guided format, and it makes doing your tax return yourself one of the best ways to cut down on financial costs.

turbotax free edition

Both Intuit TurboTax 2017 and H&R Block 2017 Tax filing offer FREE Editions this year for simple tax returns, and both also offer a Free Tax Estimator

FREE Tax Estimators: In about 10 minutes you can estimate your Federal refund in advance. Simply plug in the approximate numbers asked for, and as quick as that you'll have the estimate of how much you will owe, or are getting back, it's that easy!


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TurboTax Tax FilingTurboTax on Sale Turbo Tax is the #1 rated #1 selling product for tax preparation. Consumers continuously return to use Turbo Tax Online every year because of it's ease of use. The reasons are obvious from the start, Turbo Tax walks you through your return step by step with popup tips and guidance easing you along at your own pace. You can work on your return anytime of day or night, and do it in one sitting, or come back for a few minutes here or there. Regardless of the skill level you have with a computer or taxes, you will find Intuit TurboTax clearly guides and explains the process to you in simple easy terms. By investing a small amount of time with the tax tips, step by step guidance and FREE easy to use tax calculators, you'll increase your ability to get a bigger tax refund, and widen your knowledge and ability to properly prepare for even bigger refunds on future returns. Check out the Turbo Tax FREE Edition this year


H&R Block Tax PreparationH&R Block on Sale a leading top performing and top selling product for tax preparation has built it's reputation on popularity, dependability and ease of use.


HR Block Software also offers a FREE Edition this year. Millions of people return to use H&R Block to prepare their Federal and State income tax returns every year because they trust the professionals. 

Features Include, Tax Tips, a knowledge center with helpful information on how to maximize your refund. FREE Tax Estimator and Tax Calculators for several purposes help ensure you get easy computing of your tax figures. Online Help from the professionals at H&R Block is at you fingertips any time you need it, and simple forms with step by step guidance ease you through your tax return. H&R Block At Home continues to be one of the most popular, well know and well liked products for tax return preparation.


CompleteTax Online Tax FilingE-Smart-Tax, the quick and easy way to do your taxes online. Developed for do-it-yourself taxpayers, this Internet-based program prepares both your federal and resident state tax returns, including FREE e-filing. It offers a free online tax guide to help you with virtually any tax issues, along with a collection of FREE easy-to-use online investment calculators that help you plan for and solve common financial issues you may have while doing your taxes. They include a lease calculator, retirement calculator and additional finance calculators to help you make smarter financial decisions. Another great product is the Tax Projector, an easy-to-use tool that predicts your tax situation for the upcoming year.


Since 1983, TAX$IMPLE has consistently served the financial industry with state-of-the-art computer software. TAX$IMPLE's goal is to provide world-class software solutions and services at one point to meet all your needs. Each package represents TAX$IMPLE's unique approach of managing tax and financial data with a high level of productivity. An extensive marketing analysis was done to understand user requirements which have been implemented  into the software, making the software comprehensive, powerful and user-friendly. It contains intuitive navigation along with many exceptional and time saving features.


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