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H&R Block 2018 Tax Return Preparation



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HR Block 2018 Tax Preparation Products

If your looking for simple to use tax software you have come to the right place.

HR Block now offers a FREE EDITION for Federal and E-file, it is for simple tax returns so if you have rental properties or other income requiring special forms these programs may not work for you, But if you find it wont work for you, what's great is all your information entered can be transferred to a different edition of your choice - so you wont loose your work, therefore why not try the FREE Edition?

H&R Block 2018 Software includes simple to follow guided tax preparation that will surely have you zipping through and putting your tax return filing behind you in record time and ease. Regardless of your computer talents or tax knowledge you will find H&R Block 2018 to be your best choice for all your tax return needs.

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With HR Block 2018 you can see the continual updated software is making it easier to use and more effective with each issue. H&R Blocks software has been evolving continuously every year with new updates on a yearly basis. Updates for this year, and back issues are available if your looking to catch up on back taxes, or get ready for the new year. Click the Official Site link above at the top of this page for software that will work for you

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H&R Block takes you in for a closer look at Obamacare.

H&R Block plans to capitalize on Obamacare education to reduce tax filer frustration.

H&R Block prepares one out of every seven tax returns that get filed with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The majority of their consumers have received a refund on past returns. This stands to change if consumers aren't aware of penalties that may be applied for the lack of health insurance.

The Affordable Care Act charges a tax penalty to Americans who do not have health insurance coverage. Normal refunds that customers get could be offset by a tax penalty for those who are not carrying health insurance.

H&R Block is now rolling out a consumer Health Care Review product that will assess the penalties that customers will likely face in 2018 for non compliance.

Health care subsidies for insurance coverage and penalties for not carrying a plan don’t start in 2018. However, the income that determines how big of a subsidy an individual or family will receive is based on the income that’s being filed this year.

H&R Block 2018 products help insure that low to middle income families are not lost in the shuffle of health care reform. Most tax filers that earn less than 400 percent of the poverty line as individuals will qualify for a tax subsidy.

H&R Block Tax Law Health Care ReviewThis tax season, H&R Block has begun running advertisements to build awareness of the new health care awareness services they offer. The Affordable Care Act means “big changes” and we all should be aware of it's consequences.

H&R Block’s research suggests consumers do not have any idea what they are in for with these tax changes. Survey results showed that 77 percent of tax filers had no idea that the income tax return they’re filing this year will determine the subsidy they will receive when filing their 2018 income tax return. Many are unaware of the fact that they will face a penalty if they did not purchasing health care coverage. Don't let it happen to you!


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