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TurboTax 2018 Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation Software and Online Tax Filing



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Intuit TurboTax 2018

TurboTax offers a number of different editions as well as two versions including online tax preparation and computer installed desktop software. With each version a select group of their products are available.

TurboTax is available for both federal and state income tax returns.

TurboTax Online Tax Filing Editions

  • Free Online Edition
  • Deluxe Online Edition
  • Premier Online Edition
  • Home and Business Online Edition

TurboTax Desktop Download or CD Software

  • Basic Software Edition
  • Deluxe Software Edition
  • Premier Software Edition
  • Home and Business Software Edition

TurboTax tax preparation products are designed to guide users through their income tax return preparation in a step-by-step manner. Optional features include the ability to purchase audit defense services, for a representative to help represent you should you be unfortunate enough to be selected to get audited.

Start Free With TurboTax OnlineTurboTax also offers Canada a series of Canadian tax filing editions in online and downloadable formats. The Canadian editions were previously sold under the brand name of QuickTax. ImpôtRapide includes the French versions of the Canadian TurboTax tax software used by residents in the province of Québec. QuickTax was renamed to TurboTax for the 2010 tax season.

TurboTax was an American company originally developed in the mid-1980's It became an Intuit product by an acquisition in 1993, Originally known as Chipsoft, Intuit is now known as Intuit Consumer Tax Group previously based out of San Diego California. It's new office complex is headquartered in Mountain View, CA.

TurboTax offers the most popular and number one selling income tax preparation software packages in the United States. Their federal software editions are generally released late in the year around December and the state editions start coming out around mid January.

TurboTax 2018 like each years releases, will come out as soon as the IRS completes revisions to the forms and approves the TurboTax software editions.

TurboTax continues to show the best rating overall as it gains market share each year. It's closest competitor is H&R Block 2018 Tax Products. While TurboTax dominated the online and software sales markets, H&R Block is by far the national leader when it comes to local tax preparation professionals.

TurboTax 2018 Online Tax Filing Products  help consumers obtain every deduction possible which allows  for increased refund amounts. With online tax preparation there is no software to install on your computer, so there's no need to worry about compatibility.

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Buy TurboTax Software EdtionsTurboTax 2018 Software Editions can be downloaded to your computer or installed from an installation CD.

Advantages include the ability to work on your taxes anytime you want regardless of whether you have an internet connection or not.


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